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I may have finally lost the tiny edition of the noir issue of Blink|Ink and if I did, it would be a pity as it was a lovely thing with some terrific words and pictures (including a mordantly funny one from Mr B, who tipped me off to the call for stories). But here’s my 50 word story, “And it Felt like a Kiss” — soon to be a novella or maybe even a novel (who can say?) with an entirely different name. From acorns do the mighty oaks grow. Another song-inspired title, plus a gratuitous MES picture — what could be better?

“Do it again, Johnny,” Annette said, wiping the blood from the corner of her mouth, but he had no intention of pressing his lips to hers again.

“I can take it.” She ripped the skirt the rest of the way off and laid herself across the bed.

God, he hated Norwich.

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  1. katelaity says:

    I found the wee book! It is in my office. I knew I’d seen it recently 🙂

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