Glasgow, Day Three AKA Dundee & the Trossachs

2013-06-26 10.30.05

We started off from Glasgow, so I guess it counts. We took a windy trip through some of the lower highlands and yes, the famous Loch Lomond. It was incredible as the slideshow will demonstrate; what you don’t see is the cars and one other bus trying to squeeze past our big tour bus (or indeed, backing up to find some room) on the steep lanes. Eep!

It was funny being in Dundee without my sweetie, but we visited a lot of familiar places as well as some lectures and performances on the campus of Dundee University. Morris Heggie brought over some original pages of artwork from DC Thomson which were fascinating to see. Must dash, but I’ll add some captions when I have time.

Oh, and check out my piece over at Jump Magazine for Girls on awesome women of the Middle Ages!

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  1. Byron says:

    Looks like home. Am enjoying reading your adventures, young Laity!

    1. katelaity says:

      You will be sharing them soon!

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