Weekend Whimsy: Con-Eire for FREE!


Starting at about noon Pacific time (GMT+8 hours I believe) and running through Sunday, my comic “behind the scenes of the SF con” play Con-Eire will be free for your Kindle or (free) Kindle app throughout the long weekend. Why? No reason — just whimsy. Maybe I can convince someone to present this again.

Lee Martindale, author of To Stand As Witness and Hell Hath No Fury says, “From the bowels of back-of-house, from the deepest, darkest, most secret chambers of arcane ConComm knowledge, comes a screamingly funny glimpse into what’s behind the curtain at a science fiction convention. Fairy-dusted hilarity served with a side order of giggles.”

Need more encouragement? How about some quotes from the five star reviews:

The characters of Con-Eire are trying to organize a fan convention. If you’ve ever been to one or volunteered for one, you’ll feel right at home with most of what goes on here. Heck, if you’ve ever tried to organize any large, volunteer-run event, you’ll recognize a lot of it. The fan feuds and fan culture references are absolutely dead on – Kate Laity really knows her stuff. Before I was 4 pages in, I was laughing out loud, and before I was done, I thinking, “I know some of these people…don’t I?” Great fun! Read it!


Anybody who has ever volunteered in any capacity at any kind of community event knows full well just how much grief it is possible to get for doing something nice for your peers. There is no adulation and rarely any kind of respect from huge swathes of the visitors. A SF&F convention is a good example of this and they can have a kind of anti-Vegas effect. What happens at a con certainly never stays at a con and in some cases it can go on and on for years on message boards. So no pressure then. So this play is for those people and all they have to do behind the scenes.

The story is simple, the characters bold and unique within the story. I found it scarily easy to hear the different voices of the characters as I was reading. I found some of the comments about BIG NAMED WRITER funny enough to have me giggling at my desk as I read them. This was a great way to spend a lunchtime and I feel happier for reading it.


As a long time con runner, I can say that this really does hit the mark with a lot of chuckles along the way. Anyone who has ever helped run a con, Contemplating running a con or just going to a con ought to read this to either be reminded of what goes into it or simply as a cautionary tale.

Join the fun and get your copy today!


  1. Hi Kate – just a quickie to say that I have nominated your blog for the WordPress Family Award – all the best, Sergio

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      Oh, thanks so much! You’re very kind.

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