Wombat Day

Wombat's World

In remembrance of my old blog, I pause to celebrate International Wombat Day. For all you pre-Raphaelite fans out there!


Jane Morris & Wombat by Dante Gabriel Rossetti


I don’t have any footage of my first student film, Un Amor Peligroso, or The Wombat’s World, but I do recall the poem that stuck in my brain (and remains stuck along with Jabberwocky and Dorothy Parker’s Resumé) all those years ago:


The wombat lives across the seas

Among the far antipodes.

It may exist on nuts and berries–

Or then again, on missionaries.

Its distant habitat precludes

Conclusive knowledge of its moods,

But I would not engage the wombat

In any form of mortal combat.

~ Ogden Nash


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