NYC with the QoE

Spring break has mostly been work but I did manage to make another escape to spend the day with the fabulous Stephanie down in the city. Just before another collaboration escapes on Monday, Respectable Horror, which I edited and she supplied the wonderful cover art featuring cover model Poppy. She’s not just skin and bones either!

More photos in a FB album — they’d take up too much of my storage space here — but here’s a few highlights which included stops at the NYPL, Society of Illustrators and the Met as well as fine Belgian and Thai food. Click to embiggen any of the images.

Alibi Bound

alibiI head out today to fly to Venice, where Renato Bratkovič will meet me to drive me to Slovenia for the Alibi Crime Conference where I will be one of the featured writers. I’m really looking forward to it: I’ve never been to Venice or to Slovenia so that’s exciting. Everyone seemed to have a grand time at the first conference last year. I’m sure I will post pictures or commentary as I go along though perhaps not as much as usual. Check my Twitter feed (which appears in the right hand column of this blog) or Facebook if you’re there. Of course I’ll write up my adventures when I return. Maybe I’ll run into a certain Venetian Lion…

I’m very happy to see HOW TO BE DULL getting out there in the world. It’s the antidote to our too ‘interesting’ times. Thanks Beverly Bambury for sharing the photo (and check out her publicity business!



#FolkloreThursday Freebie: Hard Boiled Witch 2

Up for grabs today: the 2nd Hard Boiled Witch saga, Toil and Trouble! Collect them all. Just 99¢/99p each (buy UK) for all the adventures of Dundee’s favourite witch.

Click the picture to buy!


Hecate Sidlaw finds herself caught between a wannabe witch and one of the oldest hereditary powers in the land. When she and her familiar Henry end up as seconds in a magical duel, will anyone be left standing at the end of the shootout? Enter the dark streets and weird magic of HARD-BOILED WITCH and your life will never be quite the same. This is the second episode in the short story series.

Also, be sure to wish my sweetie @lochee a Happy Birthday 🙂 wish I could be there to bake him a cake.

Doll Parts

2015-12-23 14.00.30.jpg

2015-12-26 11.13.41.jpg

2015-12-30 15.39.57

2015-12-30 18.54.43

2015-12-30 19.37.58

2015-12-30 19.45.35

2015-12-31 12.36.50

Scottish Solstice

By circuitous means I finally reached Dundee yesterday — by way of La Guardia, Charlotte, London, Glasgow and points in between. Miss Charlotte was delighted to know there is an entire city named after her. Grades all done but the shouting, so I am ready to enjoy the break with reading, writing, The Bridge, Luther, Grimm and of course, playing dolls. Starting tomorrow, a little more daylight each day. A thought to cheer.

2015-12-19 15.49.55

Swanky Wine Bar with Tablet Service

2015-12-19 19.33.12


2015-12-20 14.00.40

Glasgow wins Panto

2015-12-20 16.46.30

That Girl

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Write 4 a Day

Write 4 a Day

Write 4 a DayDon’t you deserve at least one day to write?

Write 4 a Day is a new series of monthly one-day writing retreats in upstate New York. While I shall be hosting the events, let me be clear that there is

  • no workshop
  • no agenda
  • no required activities
  • no assignments
  • no schedule
  • no WiFi

Write. Don’t write. Think. Daydream. Doodle. Outline. Come for the whole day or just for part of it; network, collaborate or write solo; wander the woods, hills, fields and streams of Universal Pathways for inspiration (bring sturdy shoes) or sit in a comfy chair and brainstorm. It’s up to you.

WHO – you!

WHAT – $20 fee for the space + any food you wish to eat (there’s a kitchen)

WHEN – inaugural meeting: Sunday, 20 September 2015, 10am-5pm

WHERE – Universal Pathways, 692 Pleasant Valley Rd, Berne, NY 12023 – Phone: (518) 872-2272

WHY – because you deserve a day to devote to your writing (or daydreaming or sketching or scheming or knitting or…)

Universal Pathways

I’m working on making How to Keep Writing with a Full Time Job into a more comprehensive guide. People have told me I need to provide a little more information and practical steps to reach the level of preparedness in that guide, so I’m using Write 4 a Day as an opportunity for me to develop a better guide that will help people carve out the necessary time in their busy lives and make the best use of that time, too. I also figure this will be a great way to get folks from all the writing communities I’m in to meet each other. Writing is hard: friends help!

By necessity, this will be a moveable feast as far as dates go, but I will try to get the word out in a timely manner.

Not Quite Radio Silence

Running KeatonI know I haven’t blogged since I arrived stateside but really, it’s been like this lovely Buster Keaton gif. At the moment I’m midway through the first day of classes. Film Noir this afternoon! Then a department meeting. Next month I’m house-sitting out in Brigadoon where there’s no WiFi. Gulp! I expect I might get some work done. We’ll see.