Orkney: Skaill House and Our House

Remember, remember — fireworks tonight. Up in the northern isles they may just go with the Aurora Borealis

2013-10-24 12.36.44

Skaill House where the folks who discovered Skara Brae lived.

2013-10-24 12.38.42

A harsh but beautiful location on the bay.

2013-10-24 12.38.57

Even in the off season, there’s a beauty in the formal(ish) garden.

2013-10-24 12.42.09

The high-backed chair to guard from those pernicious drafts.

2013-10-24 12.42.33

Most of the stuff in this house was the fancy frou-frou I’m not particularly fond of, but they did have Capt Cook’s china in the cabinet of the formal dining room.

2013-10-24 12.44.03

A library! Now that’s more like it.

2013-10-24 12.44.38

A Norse calendar stick with runes.

2013-10-24 12.45.32

What’s a library without a hidden compartment?

2013-10-24 12.46.11

…and a fancy window?

2013-10-24 12.47.34

Ah, the explorer’s room.

2013-10-24 12.49.52

The bishop’s bed when he lived here in the 16th century; there’s a small reproduction of St Magnus’ Cathedral in the room which I forgot to take a picture of.

2013-10-24 12.59.35

Not *that* John Peel. I think.

2013-10-24 13.01.46

The laird of the house received the order of St Magnus from King Olaf himself.

2013-10-24 13.01.53

Here’s his formal wear.

2013-10-24 13.43.05

The cattle seem to thrive in the blustery conditions.

2013-10-23 17.02.49

Our lodgings with the Harray Potter, where Amy was apprenticing, were a bit simpler but more comfortable. Nice pottery, too!

2013-10-23 21.12.13

Like Austen heroines, we were diligent in our correspondence.

I am eager to go back to Orkney. It’s quite a striking place. The people who choose to live there are extraordinary. In the meantime, I’m NaNo-ing and getting ready to head south for the Weird Conference on Wednesday, where I’ll talk about Weird Noir. The days are just packed.

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