Around the V&A

A nice wander yesterday as I had to return my library books anyway. Some dramatic skies, a mooch through the V&A — which reminds me, I don’t think I ever posted the pictures from the Michael Clark exhibit — to say nothing of Venice! I wouldn’t say life is settling down but I may finally…

Old Friends

Also at the McManus but a bit different from the art upstairs; though some new ones here, too:

At the McManus

I always manage to drop by the McManus to see old favourites and to check out what’s new. Maong their new offers is Hidden Histories which highlights women, artists of colour and LGBTQI+ artists, too. It’s a good start in a new direction.

The Tay Whale

One of the new additions to the city by the Tay while I was away is the beautiful installation The Tay Whale by Lee Simmons, who not only created a beautiful sculpture but chronicled its journey from his workshop to Dundee on his IG account (and you can see a video putting all the pieces…

Create: Joy

ART OPENING! Saturday November 19th 4-6pm Create Gallery, 398 Main Street, Catskill NY CREATE recently had a call for art that embodied the theme JOY, and I am happy to say my mask entitled ‘Meditation’ is going to be included in the show. There’s an opening event on November 19th. Hopefully a few people can…

In the Howff

Hares or rabbits? You tell me. I’m guessing from the white tail, rabbits. Seagulls a plenty, starlings, a magpie I couldn’t quite capture with the phone. I was struck by their proximity to the grave of a veterinarian. Wee daisies. And unexpected augmentation of a cherub. Such a peaceful oasis in central Dundee.

Tell It To the Bees

I looked up the other day: the air was full of bees! I tried to see where they were coming from but found instead where they were going to: this bush on the other side of the fence. It was absolutely astounding to see. I kept my distance but I couldn’t stop staring. All the…

Gothic Mists

It would have been a crime to waste this beautiful misty morning late in the year, and after all I was dropping off the recycling at the transfer station nearby, so a little jaunt through Hudson City Cemetery seemed just the thing.

Surrealism Beyond Borders

Somehow I managed not to post about the fantastic exhibit at the Met, Surrealism Beyond Borders, even though now I have seen it twice and could go back again in a heart beat. I did upload some two or three hundred photos to FB so if you’re over there, you probably saw it. It’s so…