New Releases: It’s a Curse and Shapeshifters

Never rains but it pours, eh? No matter how I space out submissions and contracts, my publications always seem to come in a bunch, eh?

It's A Curse

If you haven’t been keeping up with Blackwitch Press, you may be surprised that there’s quite a tidy number of Roman Dalton, werewolf PI stories available. Not just Paul D. Brazill‘s own Drunk on the Moon tales but lots of his pals who’ve all jumped on the noirish bandwagon, including yours truly with yet another Fall-inspired title.

It’s a Curse: A Roman Dalton Yarn

Roman Dalton’s woken up in the wrong place again, but this time he can’t blame it on the moon. Never mind the bikers, gamblers and gangsters, this time he’s got real trouble. Finding himself in a tug-of-war between two lovely women might sound like he’s landed in clover, but one wants to ‘save’ him and the other—well, he’s got a feeling she’s a whole lot of trouble wrapped up in that slinky designer gown. As far as our favourite werewolf PI’s concerned, IT’S A CURSE.

If you read this in one of its earlier incarnations, consider copying and pasting your review of that version on the new Amazon page. I’d be most grateful and so would Mr B.

Shapeshifters Fox Pockets

Shapeshifters: A Fox Pockets Anthology

Forget everything you think you know about the big bad wolf.
It’s not that simple any more. Here are werewolves, skin walkers, demons and unknown dangers. Nothing can be relied upon, not species, not shape, not gender.
In the second Fox Pocket collection of short and flash fiction we explore what happens when nothing is as it seems.

Carlos – K.A.Laity
Eigi Einhammer –  Rahne Sinclair
Bultingin –  Josh Reynolds
The Lion – Margret Helgadottir
Job Security – Francesca Terminiello
Reliquary –  Rob Haines
Cloud Like a Bunny – K.C. Shaw
To Fly – Michael Pack
Boyfriend from Hell – Fiona Glass
Mask – Jonathan Ward
Mimicans – Emma Teichmann
Javier Reborn –  Alec McQuay
War Most Willing –  Asher Wismer
Metamorphic –  S.J. Caunt
To Fox Tor Mire – Jenny Barber
Seductions – Den Patrick

[Ebook coming soon]


  1. Widdershins says:

    That cover for ‘It’s a Curse’ is just … just… awesomesauce!

    1. katelaity says:

      I am really lucky with cover artists on the whole. This one captures the story just perfectly!

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