TOA/V: Volcano Saga


Thanks to Nicholas Currie (on Facebook, but he linked to his Tumblr site) I was delighted to see “Volcano Saga” yesterday. It’s a performance piece by Joan Jonas, whose fairytale-inspired installation “The Juniper Tree” I wrote about when it was at the Tate Modern. What could be more wonderful than bringing together two things I love: medieval Icelandic sagas and Tilda Swinton (who might be doing a project in Dundee!). In particular the Laxdæla Saga which is one of the best. In particular, Jonas seems to have been most interested in the prophetic dreams of Gudrun (Swinton).

I enjoyed it; the age shows a bit on the rough green screens, and this certainly isn’t any kind of narrative story. There’s lovely footage of Iceland including the Blue Lagoon and Jonas herself even appears in the short movie.

I did a quick search and was delighted to find a bunch of Joan Jonas films online so hurrah!

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