Button Box and More

ButtonBoxI am pleased as the proverbial punch to be part of this collection. Here’s the word on the recording:

“Button Box” is a collection of 46 mixes constructed from elements taken from the Linear Obsessional album “Air Buttons” by Richard Sanderson (LOR046)

“After releasing my album of melodeon and electronics improvisations, I decided to ask my friends whether they would be interested in reworking any of the material- ‘Please take any music at all from the new release (“Air Buttons” by me) and do what you want with it – mangle it, remix it, add things to it, sing over it, play a duo with it, slow it down, turn it into a tune, cut it up, whatever. BUT please make your contribution EXACTLY TWO MINUTES LONG’.

I was astonished by the reaction – soon sound files were flying at me from all over the world, including from friends of friends of friends, as well as from people who I’ve known since school days- collaborators from my post-punk days, free improvisers, morris dancers, other Linear Obsessional artists, even my next-door neighbour! The results are amazingly varied in style – and all are fascinating, and of course, none of them outstay their welcome.
So- enormous thanks to all my friends in the UK, France, Spain,Ireland, Sweden, USA and Malaysia, you have made me very proud”
-Richard Sanderson 2013


I read a bit of my story “Carlos” from the Fox Spirit Books Fox Pocket anthology, Shapeshifters along with Richard’s “Flim Flamingo” and he cleaned up my rough recording and slung it on here with all the other folks. Just another way to have fun. So glad to know artists who like to play!

Adults tend to forget the joy of that. They get too worried about being judged. Draw pictures that no one will see. Sing songs that no one will hear. Dance because no one will see it. And soon you won’t care if somebody is watching — even if they disapprove. You’ll have too much fun to notice.

Download the album for free and then check out the other Linear Obsessional Recordings. Find some new music today!

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