Friday Friends Folderol

The Big Splash by Kit Marlowe - 500Kate — you say to me so very often — you have fabulous friends! What are they up to these days? I’m glad you asked:

Necon E-Books and the New England Horror Writers are conducting a blog tour in honour of the late Les Daniels, a Necon stalwart and indefatigable writer on a wide range of pop culture topics.

The fabulous Maura McHugh’s comic Jennifer Wilde is now available at ComiXology, so get stuck in! I love this comic. Be sure to check out Maura’s lovely photography, too — much of it the natural glories of Ireland.

I laughed out loud several times reading Anne Billson’s account of Brannagh’s career of ham and hubris (and really dodgy accents). Her film criticism always gives you plenty to chew over: get several feasts’ worth in the Billson Film Database. And speaking of photography, check out hers, too over at Multiglom.

Guerilla gardener and baker supreme Peg Aloi is giving a go at crowdsourcing a new headquarters for her activities. Help beautify the capital region and get some baked goods or gardening in the bargain. If you’re watching American Horror Story: Coven, be sure to catch up on the Media Witch blog.

Of course my pal Mr B has always got something going on: check out the interviews, acclaim and forthcoming works at You Would Say That, Wouldn’t You? and keep your eyes peeled for some exciting news about a new anthology coming soon from Blackwitch Press. Brazill has kicked off a new feature of a free Story for a Saturday with his classic tale “The Tut” — drop by for a chuckle and a grimace.

S. L. Johnson, the Queen of Everything, continues to turn out amazing graphics. Did you notice the link to her store down there on the right hand side of the blog? Shop like a PUNK and get stuff!

That reminds me: the Cultural Gutter has a piece on friendship (and many other things you will enjoy reading). Shop at the Fighting Moonspiders store for all your lunar sporting needs!

Plus: RAHR! The Skulk at Fox Spirit Books — so many things! Don’t forget: those Drag Noir stories aren’t going to write themselves.

And hey — it’s almost Burns Night, so here’s a fine doco on the poet.

Oh, and C. Margery Kempe‘s blogging about the fabulous Jacqueline Susann.

My latest translation and meditation on Hávamál is up, too.

What else? Tell me in the comments what you’re up to —


  1. SL Johnson says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, doll! In the pipeline: just finished the new Punk Rock Jukebox tshirt, have two book covers in the works for Fox Spirit books, prepping a pring for display at the Hygienic Art Show, monthly poster-making for the Gallery at the Wauregan, designing a mural for the Jezebel Lounge…

    1. katelaity says:

      A mural! How exciting 🙂 I can’t wait to see the new PRJB design — they’re always so much fun. TWO book covers! Hurrah — looking forward to those of course. I love the Hygenic poster and the woodsy Wauregan poster looks like it should spring to life as a woodland cartoon.

  2. Todd Mason says:

    Friday’s “Forgotten” Books, moddom. As Mr. Steed would announce creatively to Mrs. Peel, we’re needed…

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