Calling on Heroines

Heroines of Comic Books and Literature Cover

Who are your heroines?

The heroines books are apparently out now: at least we contributors have begun receiving our copies. Academic publishers don’t tend to do the same sort of launches that fiction publishers do, so we don’t have the breathless announcements from the publishers on a specific day. Fortunately the editors have taken it upon themselves to get the word out and well done, them,

It’s priced for libraries at a list price of $75 (though discounted at Amazon, of course), so maybe something to suggest to your library to buy. It will surely prove popular along with its companion volume. We need to see heroines everywhere and this is a good round up of women you may or may not have heard of — and observations of what they teach us.

Who are your heroines from books or the screen — big or little? Or from life? I chose Christina of Markyate most because I want more people to know her story. Who inspires you?


8 thoughts on “Calling on Heroines

  1. Mary Renault probably inspired me more than anyone else as a writer because she was writing in a genre not typically associated with women writers (especially at the time) and even better – getting it published.

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