Blake at the Tate

Why did it take me so long to get around to posting this, you ask? Well, I took about 300 pictures at the exhibition and the tedium of uploading them finally happened today as it’s a holiday [fight capitalism in the name of MLK!]. The agony of sorting just a few to post here (see…

#RIP Jonathan Miller

I first knew him from Beyond the Fringe which I knew as an LP in my desperate searches for more of that comedy I had been alerted to by Monty Python, The Goodies and I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again which were playing on my local public radio and television. Yes, of course, my adoration of Peter…

The Fall Symposium: The Words

[pictures anon…] 9.00 Introduction Always Different, Always The Same: Introduction, Professor Eoin Devereux, PMPC UL.  9.10-10.30 Session 1    We are The Fall…    Chair:   Dr. Elaine Vaughan, UL.  Michael Murphy–Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology: The Fall in Ireland: A Microhistory                      John Fleming–Irish Times: Dead…

Leonora, Me & The Hearing Trumpet

Check out my conversation with Rick over at Some Other Sphere about my obsession with Leonora Carrington, The Hearing Trumpet and more. I enjoyed it: hope you do, too.  

On the Road Again: Emerald Isle Edition

Off on travels again: first in Limerick where I will be part of a truly groovy event, Always Different, Always the Same: The Fall Symposium which includes a bunch of talks, an interview with ‘Funky’ Si Wolstencroft, author of You Can Drum But You Can’t Hide and with Imperial Wax before their concert in the…

Bantz with the Foxes 2 & Hire Idiots on Tour!

More bantz with our Foxy overlords who contemplate whether there really is a difference between a small press and a cult. JOIN THE SKULK! Also the latest Fox Spirit release HIRE IDIOTS is on tour. It’s an hilarious cozy mystery set on a college campus.

Bantz with the Foxes

New from Fox Spirit Books: the comedy stylings of Adele and Tom AKA Aunty Fox and Mr Fox offering a glimpse behind the scenes of an award-winning small press. Or something like that 😉 scripted by me but of course based on real conversations (perhaps exaggerated slightly).

10 Ways to Wear it Like a Surrealist!

Over at the Fox Spirit blog, I have a piece up on how to dress like a surrealist. Red is dead, blue is through, Green’s obscene, brown’s taboo. And there is not the slightest excuse for plum or puce — or chartreuse. ‘Think Pink’ from Funny Face (lyrics by Leonard Gershe) Looking for that quel-que chose for your summer or fall…

Lee Krasner at @BarbicanCentre

Go see this. Don’t just take my word for it, look/listen to all these artists, too. More pix on FB; as always, click to embiggen.