Out Now: Hard Boiled Witch 3

Just in time for your Lughnasadh gift buying spree (hey, I can dream), it’s book three in the Hecate Sidlaw series Hard Boiled Witch. Book three Charms O’erthrown mashes up a little of The Maltese Falcon with Shakespeare’s Tempest and a whole lot of trouble for Hecate and her familiar Henry, the giant ginger cat with just one eye. There’s a bunch of thieves, a missing ancient artifact and some screaming butterflies (you’re going to have to read it to find out why they’re screaming).

There’s also a new character, the stylish and knowledgeable Jhonnie “Mo” Stevenson, research librarian. A snappy dresser with a few secrets up the sleeves of a very smart ensemble. Hecate needs all the friends she can get in this town!

And as you may have seen on Facebook or Twitter, for one more day, book two Toil & Trouble is FREE. Not that any of them are going to break the bank: just 99¢ or 75p — you can’t beat that with a stick (if that’s your idea of fun).

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