Review: White Rabbit by KA Laity

In which Alasdair draws a direct line to Hellblazer that I never thought of — but duh!

The Man of Words

I’m getting very fond of messy supernatural fiction. The days of being politely introduced to the vampires (Always by the punch), the werewolves (Usually bikers) and the zombies (Dance floor. Every time) are long gone. Instead, the supernatural has definitely started mingling with the rest of the party and the lines aren’t so much blurred as gone. The supernatural crime fiction that Paul Cornell and Ben Aaronovitch have produced over the last couple of years are great examples of this, as is the original and still undefeated Hellblazer. That magnificent, mercurial comic gave the industry some of the best creators of the last few decades and is also woven into the DNA of White Rabbit, by KA Laity. So closely in fact that I like to think John and James Draygo, Laity’s lead character, frequent similar pubs.

Draygo’s an ex-police officer and, endearingly, was never more…

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  1. S.L. Johnson says:

    What a great review!

    1. katelaity says:

      It’s worth it all when someone really gets it, as you know well.

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