Dames, Dolls & Defiance

SpeakEasy sqwebA couple of dames talking: yeah, that’s me and the Queen of Everything AKA S. L. Johnson talking about art, inspiration and why restrictions are good for creativity on SpeakEasy Radio.

If you missed Friday’s programme, it was a short one with humour (the cardinal rule, keep it short) with Graham Wynd‘s ‘Ham on Heels’ and Henri Bergson. Be sure to check out all the interviews with the Rogue anthology authors at Graham’s webpage.

Tonight at 7pm I’ll be at the Arts Center of the Capital Region reading my poem “Songs of Defiance” in the Speaking Truth to Power event. It’s free! I wrote the poem after the 2004 elections, while despairing in Houston, and it appeared in the Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology right next to a poem from Alessandra Bava! Working on my multimedia presentation even though it’s not certain we’ll have the tech (and excuse to gaze lovingly at Blake images).

And happy birthday Euan!


  1. S.L. Johnson says:

    Thank you, Kate – always making me look good, doll!

    1. katelaity says:

      Delightful to chat with you, mademoiselle!

  2. S.L. Johnson says:

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