VexMosaic & Medieval Masculinities

Today I’ve got an essay up at a new site, VexMosaic, along with folks like the esteemed Alasdair Stuart. What is VexMosaic, you ask?

Good Speculative Fiction transforms “what is” into “what could be”.

It vexes, disturbs, and inspires us, becoming a catalyst for new ways of thinking
that expand our awareness and subvert the status quo.

We want to amplify that discussion.

Read the brief here and take a look around. In short if you like spec fic narratives and discussions, you’ll like the Vex.

My first essay for the site has to do with how medieval films appropriate the era to talk about very modern anxieties about the roles of men. I’m not so much concerned about how accurate they are or aren’t, but how their choices illuminate the ways we see the past — and how we manipulate it for our own purposes.

Check it out and see what else you might enjoy: this is a promising new venture. Help get the word out!