Out Now: Hard-Boiled Witch 4

HBW 4 Abra CadavraOut now! The fourth tale in the Hard-Boiled Witch series. Set in a slightly more magical Dundee, the tales make use of local stories and locations (yeah, had to make a reference to the V&A).

When a new burlesque club opens in Dundee, the owner calls on Hecate Sidlaw to deal with some strange attacks — by a skeleton! She and her familiar Henry need to get to the bottom of the magical threats, if she can get him away from the performers long enough to investigate. Looks like they need someone with expertise in calaveras…

Enter the dark streets and weird magic of HARD-BOILED WITCH and your life will never be quite the same.

There’s a special ‘guest star’ who makes a surprise appearance: I’d already written her entrance when someone on FB posted this link which reminded me of Michael Marra’s song. Thank you, subconscious!

She said she’d never felt so happy in a long long time.
Her mind was relaxed and her body felt fine.
She said, ‘Put on, Perdido. Tonight’s the night.
I want to dance with Jimmy Howie in the pale moonlight…’

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