Bouchercon: Rally in Raleigh

2015-10-09 08.55.44
My amended badge
2015-10-09 10.54.17
My roomie — I’d never meet anyone if it weren’t for Debi meeting everyone!
2015-10-09 10.57.08
Oh, and Absolutely Kate, too — ask her about her Lawrence Block story at your peril…
2015-10-09 11.52.39
After considerable postal delays, my beautiful pledge pins arrived by FedEx (thanks again, Lys Guillorn for making them!)
2015-10-09 20.00.04
They knew the kind of glasses to serve drinks in.
2015-10-09 20.35.03
I love all the oak designs in Raleigh.
2015-10-08 21.53.12
Les Edgerton, decorated with a lipstick heart that melted in the Noir at the Bar heat.
2015-10-09 20.35.44
A long shot of the oak street light.
2015-10-09 22.05.00
Animated conversations everywhere: when the bar got too crowded we moved out into the lobby.
2015-10-09 22.05.14
The fabulous Mollie Cox Bryan was my other roomie. Not near enough time to chat even with my roommates! That’s Bouchercon.
2015-10-10 10.19.25
The big event! Fun reading as we each had just a bit of time.
I have never signed so many books! Whoohoo!
2015-10-10 15.02.30
We teased Rick Ollerman of Stark House endlessly about looking at kitten pictures. He may not have actually been looking at kitten pictures.
2015-10-10 15.02.34
It’s hard to top Les’ stories but Debi rises to the challenge.
2015-10-10 15.02.39
Kate’s still marveling at Rick’s kitten obsession.
2015-10-10 15.57.04
Or maybe at Debi getting him to unbutton an extra button or two. But she couldn’t get him to dance on the table. This time…
2015-10-10 19.42.51
The bar got in on the crime theme.
Shenanigans at the Twisted Mango

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