Shenanigans at #WFCon2015

Actually the shenanigans began before the con because the lovely Maura arrived to spend a little time here first. And I am already kicking myself because I kept forgetting to have her sign my books and now she has already departed. Boo! Super big thanks to Debi for (as usual) sorting out the room and making everything run smoothly. Gracious thanks to Broad Universe, especially Terri Bruce. Great to see so many people I don’t get to see that often (like Nancy and John) and to make new acquaintances of cool folks like Katja and Deborah).

2015-11-03 13.03.47
Hanging out in Woodstock, spending all her money.
2015-11-03 13.26.46
Maura looking askance as if I had anything to do with all the cool stuff she decided she needed.
2015-11-03 15.52.44
We went up to Olana, too. It was impossible lovely weather for November.
2015-11-05 13.38.39
Then we headed up to Saratoga where our horse naturally won — I mean, for World Fantasy.
2015-11-05 16.01.27
Showing off my new jacket with the weird pockets. I had a panel in the first slot and a reading immediately after. All done and most people hadn’t even arrived.
2015-11-05 17.40.14
Devouring lion.
2015-11-05 17.57.54
Lime ginger martinis at Karavalli’s.
2015-11-05 22.35.55
I managed to drop my tiny little lap top right on my toe.
2015-11-06 15.14.38
Kathe Koja’s intoxicating literature event. Note that she’s reading Riddley Walker there!
2015-11-07 09.09.13
Discovered some fine foxy art whilst walking to breakfast with Nancy and Deborah. How could I resist?
2015-11-07 20.48.53
Delia Sherman & Ellen Kushner’s Tremontaine party: by far the most stylish event I attended. And I’m not just saying that because I won a prize.
2015-11-07 20.50.58
Look at those cakes! Kathleen Jenning’s art looks just lovely. To learn more about the Tremontaine series, hop over to Serial Box (click this picture).
2015-11-07 21.17.29
Cruel to serve this to writers, surely? 😉
Representing the Fox Spirit skulk! Me with Haralambi Markov.
Representing the Fox Spirit skulk! Me with Haralambi Markov.


  1. Maura McHugh says:

    I feel so lucky to have had such a splendid time in your company, and during such spectacular weather. Thanks again for everything. You’re a star! (From a very blustery Galway.)

    1. katelaity says:

      We were lucky with the weather. It was much fun.

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