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I will be heading up to Saratoga for World Fantasy with the lovely Maura. We’ll be rooming with the equally lovely Debi. If you are not among the early arrivals you’ll miss my panel which is Thursday at 2pm:

City Center 2B Magic is the essential ingredient of Epic Fantasy… except when it isn’t.
Can a story be Epic Fantasy if there isn’t a spell hurling mage? Do all quests need a wizard? The panel will discuss how magic is used in Epic Fantasy and some of the texts that do things a little differently.
Paul Di Filippo (mod.), Max Gladstone, Kate Laity, Amal El-Mohtar, Karl Schroeder

As I neither write nor even read much epic fantasy this will be…interesting. I have no idea where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing after that, other than of course catching up with friends, schmoozing at the BU Rapid Fire Reading (Broadway 1 3pm-4pm) and you all know the con default: the hotel bar. There are all kinds of interesting events though this sounds like a particular winner:

Friday 3:00
Suite 458 Hilton
The Intoxication of Fantasy
“This book made me drunk,” Cory Doctorow wrote about Under the Poppy. What books or stories do the same for you — send you reeling, knock you out with their wordplay or invention? Kathe Koja will read from a selection of such intoxicating books — bring your own favorite! Intoxicants will be both read and served.
Kathe Koja

And of course, I’ll be going to this:

Sat 10:00

City Center 2B

A Tribute to Graham Joyce
Gillian Redfearn (mod.), Jeffrey Ford, Christopher Golden, Gary Wolfe, Rio Youers

See the full schedule here.

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