Out Now: Open the Window

open the window
For the third year in a row, Richard Sanderson has put together a FREE compilation of recordings from people around the world. Isn’t it wonderful he’s willing to go to all that trouble? This year’s proposal:

This compilation will be both more focused conceptually and yet freer. I would like you to open the window of your home (or your workplace etc) and record two minutes of what you hear. You can choose, if you wish, to use your open window sound as a backdrop to something else – music, song, words, other domestic sounds, but the window must be open and something of the outside world must be audible.

I joined in by opening my window to the midday traffic on State Route 23B and then singing a jazzy little song ‘Intoxicate Me’ with some hand percussion. I’m using my stage name, Victoria Squid, because I enjoy pretending to be someone else (and why not?). Clever folk will know where I got that name.

So check out all the fabulous recordings from Linear Obsessional Recordings because they are all interesting and widely various in styles from the experimental to the popular. You can listen to them all before ordering them, too. Here are my previous efforts:


  1. S.L. Johnson says:

    I’m intoxicated! When’s the album due out?

    1. katelaity says:

      It’s out now! And FREE!

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