#FolkloreThursday Guest

Top of the hour, guess who gets to be a profile_artguest host at #FolkloreThursday? Me! Whoohoo, my fave hashtag. And apparently a lot of other people’s too. The moderators warn it’s particularly heaving today as the media coverage has grown. It may be all I can do to keep up with the flow of tweets.If you find Twitter overwhelming, just drop by the website at the end of the day for a roundup of the most fascinating tweets and to see highlighted stories they have gathered from the best of the contributors.

But I should mention it’s also #HugaMedievalist Day so be kind to the tired academics who wish more people got their Latin jokes and Beowulf references.

I’ve got my Ness of Brodgar mug filled and I am ready to roll.

2016-03-31 07.14.59.jpg