#NaNoWriMo Special: How to Keep Writing with a Full-Time Job

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You don’t have to be doing #NaNoWriMo to get this deal, but it may help. But you have to move fast!

Today How to Keep Writing with a Full-Time Job is just 99¢ (or the equivalent in your currency). Then it creeps back to normal price.

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Have you always dreamed of writing, but didn’t think you had the time? Award-winning author K. A. Laity, writer of the CHASTITY FLAME novel series, OWL STRETCHING, THE MANGROVE LEGACY and many more books, essays and stories will help you attain your writing goals in just minutes a day with this short guide.

Check out the five star reviews:

“Laity’s book has given me lots of food for thought and some great ideas. I’ve already started to implement some of the things she suggests as far as time management and finding the time to write. Interestingly, given her background in creative writing and her popular fiction novels, I got just as much out of this book about imagination and creating fiction as I did about finding time to write and actually sitting down to do it.”

“Over the years I’ve read too many books on writing. Some were good on the mechanics of writing but most fell short on what it means to be a writer. This is brilliant! So you want to be a writer? Read this first.”

“This is a well-written and concise book on a topic I’m all too aware of — how to write while holding down a job. I love this author’s stories, especially her Chastity Flame series, so I was both surprised and yet not when I picked up this title. This is one very prolific author, and knowing she’s also a college professor, I’ve wondered how she manages it all. She tells us in this book. This is a must-have for any author struggling to manage the day job with his/her writing time.”