Remembering Sandra Seamans

The crime writing community was saddened to hear of the death of Sandra Seamans. In addition to her short story writing, her blog ‘My Little Corner’ was a one-stop conduit to calls for stories across a wide range of magazines, anthologies and flash fiction sites. It’s rare to meet someone who didn’t get at least one publication from something Sandra shared. It’s the kind of hard work that often goes unacknowledged — taken for granted because it is so useful.

Patti Abbott has been kind enough to start collecting some blog posts honouring Sandra’s memory. Here’s to her many kindnesses and graciousness to the community, though things had been difficult for her for a while.

I chose the cracking little story ‘Rabbit in a Trap’ which originally appeared at Powder Burn Flash. Give it a read and say a little thanks to Sandra for all she left us.

Here’s a teaser:

Cindi felt the plaster and lath walls of her cage creeping closer, squeezing the air from her lungs. She grabbed the television remote, punching up the volume until the sound waves forced the encroaching walls to retreat. Another hour and her husband, Jim, would be home and their apartment wouldn’t feel so claustrophobic.

“Breathe, girl, you’ve got to breathe,” she muttered. In and out. In and out until her heartbeats slowed and the sweat dried cold on her body.

A fist pounding on the door slammed her heart back into high gear…

Read the rest here.