Magickal Women Conference 2019

The Magickal Women Conference, exactly as advertised: a fantastic day! The only fault I would bring up is that there was just too much wonderful stuff to see it all. Well done, looking forward to the next one. Not many photos alas, as there was just too much going on. Victoria Musson‘s Grain Goddess was absolutely stunning in the flesh, so to speak. She’s traveling around, so try to see her!

Ripples of inspiration flowing. So great to meet up with folks I have known online for ages like @lucyfurleaps, who gave me a brilliant collection of her poetry, and @sabinastent, who gave a fantastic talk on the beloved Leonor Fini. Always good to see Christina and the wonderful folk from Treadwell’s and yes, I bought a heavy and pricey book from them but it’s research! Won a bottle of champagne in the raffle! Met so many great folks both on the day and at the dinner before hand, as well as a fine Sunday roast at the Lamb with Betty and Joann.

Can’t wait for the next one!

To get a taste of what you missed, here’s the schedule. Check their FB page for other write ups and recordings. I am thinking of making one of my Leonora Carrington talk.