Spooky Day!

ghostlyI’m knee deep in a writing project with a deadline tomorrow but! Halloween brings out the goodies from me and my pals:

A new story! Number 13 is a little M. R. James, a touch of Chaucer and a whole lot noir over at Punk Noir Magazine, where they’ve also got Sebnem Sanders’ The Muse and Frank Westeworth’s Pork Pie Hat. And he had nice things to say about my ghostly noir novel White Rabbit (how about those prequels, Kate?). Mr B’s magazine brings all the ghouls to the yard! 

He’s also got a cool spooky playlist!

I made a video of me reading Devil’s Night!

Check out Carol Borden’s fab The Lost City of Osiris–a Spooky Western.

Kit Marlowe has a whole month worth of spooky rhymes!

Did I forget something? Probably! Drop me a line.