New Fiction: Squid Lord

I’ve got a new tale up at All Due Respect: “Squid Lord” recounts a plan for revenge that might have a few holes in it involving a minor celebrity chef. Hmmm, now where did I get the idea for a name like that?

Out Now: LOVE from @FoxSpiritBooks

LOVE edited by Chloë Yates Love. That many-splendoured thing. It can move mountains and make fools of us all, but what is it? Does it come courtesy of a cherub’s bow? Is it a battlefield? Endless? Crazy? Only available on a Friday? Well, the answer might be between these covers. Inside you’ll find stories from…

6 Sentences: Pomegranate

I’m happy to hear of the return of 6 Sentences. I have a story there called ‘Pomegranate’ which you can read here. Pals Paul D. Brazill and Liz DaVinci also have stories there. You can submit one yourself. How much can you pack into six sentences? Quite a lot if you use a produce many…

Spooky Day!

I’m knee deep in a writing project with a deadline tomorrow but! Halloween brings out the goodies from me and my pals: A new story! Number 13 is a little M. R. James, a touch of Chaucer and a whole lot noir over at Punk Noir Magazine, where they’ve also got Sebnem Sanders’ The Muse and Frank…

Dylan Birthday Story

Tangled Up in Some Sort of Cerulean Hue She was a beauty, all auburn curls, doe eyes, and hippie garments. But I think it was chiefly the eyes, moist and beseeching, that made me forget my usual caution and help her out of that sticky situation, but—like the man said—I guess I used a little…

A Christmas Story: Soot

Fox Spirit revives the Christmas ghost story tradition with my tale ‘Soot’ today. Pop on over and give it a read. Have a spooky holiday!

Walpurgisnacht Freebie

As usual, I’m giving away my much reprinted story ‘Walpurgisnacht’; click the link on the name if you’ve not read it yet and you can download a PDF of the tale. And watch out for witches flying off to the mountains tonight!

Story for a Sunday: Fluorescence

Here’s my bit of urban spookiness called “Fluorescence.” This short story appeared in The Harrow back in July 2008 (appearing now thanks to the Way Back Machine). If you like it, you might want to check out the others in Unquiet Dreams.

Story for a Sunday: Tangled Up in Some Sort of Cerulean Hue

Bob Dylan: Nobel Prize Winner — bet you didn’t have a fiver on him. Nine years ago I had this tale published in the tiny lit journal Ephemera. Did anyone notice it was a bunch of Dylan lyrics somewhat altered mashed up with a little Marlowe? No, probably not. But it amused me. I have…

Recorded Live: Fur Baby

I will be busy grading today — probably all day — so if you need entertainment, here’s a live recording from yesterday’s 2nd Sunday Open Mic at the Arts Center in Troy, NY. Yes, I really read this story on Mother’s Day. A bit on the dark and creepy side, so if you don’t like…