(Almost) 25 Years of Punk Rock Art – K A Laity Interviews S L Johnson

Having a natter with the QoE

Punk Noir Magazine

S. L. Johnson is an artist and graphic designer who works with local radio stations, bands, indie labels, authors, publishers, arts centers and individuals. Her influences run from Saul Bass and Looney Tunes to punk rock flyers & album art; punk and rock & roll fashion; the surrealists Carrington, Fini & Varo; Inuit, Tlingit, Haida and Kawkiutl sculpture and graphic arts; nature—a wide variety. One of her longest running gigs has been for Marko’s Punk Rock Jukebox.

How did you start creating the art for Marko’s Punk Rock Jukebox almost a quarter century(!) ago?

That long ago?! I am not exactly sure, but I believe it started when Marko wanted something to offer as a premium for those folks who donated to WCNI during their fundraising event. I think I created the Punk Rock Guy for that purpose. 


What’s your process for reinventing the look each year? Do you…

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