Hilma af Klint in Hudson

I had thought just to write up the documentary Beyond the Visible which is playing at Time & Space Limited. I saw it recently with Peg and it was just glorious to see her art again even if it was on the big screen and not right before me. Of course it’s frustrating too, to see how at every turn her work and genius were dismissed and erased. It’s superb and beautiful. You see the paintings up close and her notebooks, plus you also see where she lived and painted, and hear from those who knew her.

So imagine my shock to learn — via the Hudson Library newsletter — that her art will be in Hudson too! The Lightforms Art Center will be hosting an exhibition that opens tomorrow:


March 6 2020 – June 29 2020

In a rare and exceptional opportunity, the Tree of Knowledge series by Hilma af Klint and a thirty-four-page Sketchbook by the artist that explores the inner workings of plants are on loan from the Albert Steffen Foundation in Dornach, Switzerland to Lightforms Art Center in Hudson, NY from late winter to early summer 2020. Just after Hilma af Klint’s work surprised, unsettled and enchanted the art world during the 2018/2019 season at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City, visitors will have another opportunity to study a smaller selection of her work just two hours north of NYC at Lightforms Art Center in Hudson, NY.

Good thing I am home alone at present because the whoop I gave would have alarmed the dog. Don’t miss this! I surely won’t.


EDIT: And there’s a talk on Sunday!