More Hilma in Hudson

In the midst of all this uncertainty, we can be certain that art restores our souls [feel free to insert a less fraught word if you are uncomfortable with that one]. The Hilma af Klint exhibit in Hudson though modest is glorious. At the heart of it are her notebooks, meditating on the meaning and resonances of the plants and some other creatures around her.

I liked the black currant painting by Yevgenia Davidoff so much I bought it. I could have bought many more, but I had to restrain myself! The exhibit remains open at present temporarily closed and it’s easy to maintain social distancing from others while it is quiet. There was a big lecture by David Adams during the opening weekend, well-attended though I think more than a few people didn’t know what they were in for. Many people baulk at addressing the esoteric themes that inspired painters like Hilma, but she found much inspiration in seances and the teachings of Rudolph Steiner and others.

The Tree of Life series, like Hildegard’s visions, offer meditations in a single image on incredibly complex ideas. A lot to unpack: it’s worth gazing upon them a good long while. Lightforms Art Center Artistic Director Helena Zay’s painting of Hilma is a wonderful tribute. Quite extraordinary!

More pix on the ‘book of course.