Catching My Breath

A lie, but finals due tomorrow (technically, many already in — thanks!) and the end of grading in sight, though no end of quarantine in sight, alas. Feeling relief at all the things being cancelled, yet I am not making progress on the remaining things due! Itching to get back to Dundee, so first here’s a little stroll through some of the great sculpture there for #MuseumsFromHome — of course the Dundee Dragon is featured (as seen in my Hard-Boiled Witch series):

A timely article that explores ‘Why Women Don’t Speak’ even in Zoom meetings and why ‘It Can’t Be Overcome by Excellence’.

And as it’s Walpurgisnacht, I must always share my little story of that name.


Oh, and another meaningless milestone: +500,000 tweets. Wow. Such a lot of blether…

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