Confession by K. A. Laity


I confess, I confess…

Punk Noir Magazine


K. A. Laity


I didn’t mean to kill him. Let me get that out there straight away. I know things have not been great between us and certainly there was some hostility—okay, a lot of hostility. But it wasn’t deliberate! I certainly didn’t mean to—


I mean—a butter knife! Would I have ‘armed myself’ with a butter knife if I had been feeling murderous? I’m not making light! I’m just—I’m just—you know…Stunned, right? Stunned! A butter knife! Who would have ever imagined—


Yes, I admit it. I did poke him with the butter knife. Sure, sure. I did that. I didn’t mean any harm. Well, not much harm. I was annoyed, to be sure. I had a passing—passing!—moment of irritation. I poked him. I’m sure it would have annoyed him any way. Annoyed yes, but not lethally so. Really. Most unexpected.


It was his own…

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