Is it Funny?: The trailer!

A few years back everyone was passing around a meme attributed to Cicero:

“Times are bad. Children no longer obey their parents, and everyone is writing a book.”

It’s even worse now: everyone’s making a podcast. Even I have succumbed — yes, at the very worst possible time of the year: the week before classes begin. Maybe it’s the frustration of all that (gestures vaguely) or the pressure of both the imminent semester or teaching in the time of pandemic, or — oh did I mention — another imminent round of layoffs and ‘cost-cutting’ on campus.


So here’s the auto-generated video trailer to give you an idea about my forthcoming podcast Is It Funny? (just a few wrinkles to work out). Bookmark the site for my first episode. Many thanks to Stephanie for zshuzshing up the logo; thanks to Adele and Kate Shaw for advice and encouragement. PREMIERES MONDAY AUGUST 24TH!