Is it Funny? Episode 1

Episode One drops today! A short introductory episode that lays out the approach I want to take. It should appear on Spotify and Radio Public, too, but I’m not sure how long it takes. Feel free to bookmark it if you use those platforms.

This is me feeling my way along in the process. There are a surprising number of technical steps even for this super simple approach. I have to say that Anchor is really user-friendly. Thanks Darren Sant for the recommendation (he does Tiny Tales!).

Of course my thought is maybe this will be a book at some point but honestly, I should get out of that mode of thinking because publishing is collapsing around us (like all the arts) because people treat the arts as if they are not important — while at the same time binging on them through these stressful times. Capitalism: helluva drug, eh?

So anyway — funny, right? Annotated transcript here.