Is It Funny? Episode 6 – Not Only But Also

This episode mostly talks about what led up to Not Only But Also and how it became a success. Originally meant to be Not Only Dudley Moore But Also some guests like Diahann Carroll and utility player Norm Rossington, it became also Peter Cook and then turned around to be Peter Cook but also Dudley Moore. And there was that John Lennon fellow, too. The theme song ‘Goodbye-ee’ was actually a hit.

Listen here. I don’t know about next week, as I have to be away. Maybe I can do a stop gap episode. Or actually do one in advance… The audio is less than stellar because of course the recording went really great until I realised the good mic was still off and it was recording through the computer. Oh well. I wasn’t willing to try to recreate it. So forgive the infelicities.