Halloween Bounty

It’s that spooky time of year with fun poems and scary stories and so much more. All my pals seem to be up to their tricks, too. Check out the wondrous things to be had:

Buy all of Stephanie’s fab designs on all kinds of practical things you need: t-shirts, tote bags, masks and more!

Mr B’s Supernatural Noir is currently available for just 79p! Buy it and howl the night away. And he’s got a new one out, too, in NightSide: Tales of Outré Noir.

Pal Peg Aloi has a couple of witchcraft themed pieces out and about: first, chatting with Pam Grossman about The VVitch over at the A24 blog. Then she’s over at Time Magazine talking about the influence of The Craft. I even get to offer a quote there.

Over at The Cultural Gutter, Carol’s got a piece on horror comics.

As always, Fox Spirit Books has plenty of spooky stories (and non-spooky stories if you’re like that).

Many more I think I’m forgetting, but that’s par for the course lately. New things stirring in my cauldron that will pop out soon. Support your creative folk this season.