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The Cultural Gutter

This week Guest Star Kate Laity writes about Fritz Leiber’s Conjure Wife (1943) and two lesser known adaptations.


I’m currently writing about Fritz Leiber’s Conjure Wife and the 1962 film based on it, Night of the Eagle, AKA, Burn, Witch, Burn! (1962). t’s a pity there are no special edition releases of academic publications, where you can show all the glories that were sacrificed for the word count, or have behind-the-scenes featurettes of the cool research that didn’t make it into the final publication, or the hilarious flubs where you mistakenly connected things that had no earthly reason to be connected except in your brain (which has a soup of undigested galaxy-pinging resonances that you will not be able to explain for a couple more years [maybe] but you know are on the right track). Alas, I suspect the idea of director’s cut academic essays will not…

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