6 Sentences: Pomegranate

Catherine of Aragon’s emblem, a crowned pomegranate, here entwined with a Tudor rose. Her motto was ‘humble and loyal’: alas, her husband Henry VIII did not value her twenty-four years of loyalty and divorced her to marry Anne Boleyn.

I’m happy to hear of the return of 6 Sentences. I have a story there called ‘Pomegranate’ which you can read here. Pals Paul D. Brazill and Liz DaVinci also have stories there. You can submit one yourself. How much can you pack into six sentences? Quite a lot if you use a produce many subordinate clauses!

The pomegranate is an ancient fruit with many resonances throughout history from the tale of Persephone to the Song of Solomon. The Buddha cured the demon Hariti of her habit of devouring children by giving her a pomegranate instead. There’s an Islamic legend that each pomegranate contains one seed that comes from paradise.

I’m thinking about doing an audio version or something else with this dream-like story. I feel the touch of Leonora Carrington on this tale…