Gresham’s Guide to Tarot

Hardcover edition of Charles Williams THE GREATER TRUMPS with an introduction by William Lindsay Gresham

I seem to have neglected to update the blog with my post over at Punk Noir Magazine about William Lindsay ‘Nightmare Alley’ Gresham writing about Tarot. I realise now it was because I reblogged it not here but over at Graham Wynd‘s blog.

I attended a talk on tarot in fantasy fiction and learned more about the ‘other’ Inkling Charles Williams and am now (in between various other things including a dozen or so books) reading the novel, so more on that later. I was mostly interested in seeing Gresham’s thoughts on the cards he used so tantalisingly in Nightmare Alley.

Besides, you should be reading Punk Noir Magazine regularly. Mr B wrangles some good stuff.