Jane Quiet Moves!

Yes, obvious parallels to “Garbo talks!” will strike a handful of film buffs (and likely no one else), but here’s the latest Jane Quiet fun stuff, courtesy of Elena’s playful skills and her son Doozie’s music: Half snow day today; yeah, that’s going to be effective. Surely my afternoon students will come in for the…

My Symptoms

All right, the latter is not a symptom so much as what I heard as I woke up about every half hour through the night unable to breathe. There are at least two squirrels in the attic who show not the slightest interest in the trap. I would be in bed, but I need toilet…

Jane Quiet at Coilhouse

Drop over to Coilhouse.net to see Elizabeth S.’s write up on Jane Quiet; I love the serendipity of the internet! It’s what brought this about. Please, leave a comment to let Elizabeth and Coilhouse know you stopped by; this is how we measure success on the ‘net. Back from my travels: Friday I went down…

WLoADed: Elena Steier

Drop on by the Women’s League of Ale Drinkers to see our latest featured artist, friend of the blog Elena Steier. My Jane Quiet co-conspirator talks a bit about her influences and working habits. Above see some of the art that she’s been experimenting with for the newly re-tooled Jane.

Jane Quiet: 2.0

We have relaunched the story of your favourite occult investigator! Visit the new Jane Quiet site to see what’s going on! New art work from Elena! The script from the original comic! And yes, a new story beginning soon!

Jane Quiet: Fashion Icon?

Ah, the randomness of the internet! This post on Polyvore showed up on my Google search for Jane Quiet. No idea who this user is or what prompted them to choose Jane, but it’s kind of cool (especially the raven ring!), though Jane would never wear those shoes. You can’t chase demons in those heels….

Pi-Con Bound

I’m off to Pi-Con today. All kinds of interesting things going on there, and interesting people including the guest of honor, Mary Doria Russell. I’m on a few panels, I will be signing books, too. Maybe I should bring a kantele to play just in case no one shows for the signing. I’m also having…

Review: Let the Right One In and Watchmen

Hop on over to Up Against the Wall to see my reviews of these two films. Yes, it’s a bit late, but it took a while to work up the energy to write anything about Watchmen.

Crazy Haste

The next interview will be up later today; naturally, I have all the interviews at home while I’m here on campus and running like mad today, because I plan to head down to Bard to hear Liz Hand read between my classes. I will be announcing a new writing gig later this week. I just…

Get Your Zombie On!

The fabulous Elena Steier illustrates a wild zombie adventure written by Andrew Steier (hmmmm, wonder if they’re related?).