Madness & Montemartini

I am madly flailing today, so here’s someone else’s video at the Montemartini museum, which gives a nice sense of the unique place. I promise to get my pictures, video and adventures up soon!

Bella Roma

In the nineteenth century, wealthy Americans went on “The Grand Tour” of Europe, visiting famous historical and artistic sites and hoping to run into other wealthy Americans whom they might marry or titled aristocrats if they wanted a little more social cachet. Now we Americans run off for our ever-so-brief holidays and hope for nothing…

Re-Entry: A Challenge

Hundreds of emails and more to wade through: bear with me and for the moment, enjoy this lovely photo Alessandra took of me at the top of the Spanish steps with my “Bright Star” badge from the Keats house and Rome behind me. Pictures, videos and more to come!

Ciao, Bella!

UPDATE: read my review of the Winter’s Bone soundtrack over at Night and Day, the Spectator’s Arts blog. Yes, I am off to Rome today assuming all goes well. I have my boarding passes printed and surely I will be all packed and ready (!). I am not taking a computer with me (gasp!) except…

Text as Art Tonight

The opening of the Text as Art gallery show with my piece “The Square Root of I is I” will be tonight at the Arts Center at 7pm. I will likely read from “Wixey,” the story that initially inspired the project (unless I change my mind). Add to the long list of things I will…

BitchBuzz: The Value of Telling Your Own Story

Oh my! A week from today I will be in ROME with the lovely Alessandra! I can hardly believe it and so must redouble my efforts to make sure everything that needs to be done is done. Deep breath. I can do it! Yes, yes. But I’m so excited 🙂 and yes, doubtless I will…

Things to Celebrate

UPDATE: I’ll be reading as the narrator for the College of Saint Rose Women’s Initiative’s presentation of Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues Saturday night at 7pm. The show plays on Sunday at 3pm with my fabulous colleague and friend Angela Ledford as narrator. Tickets benefit Equinox. Girls Next Door will be performing at the interval….