Hampton Court Palace

After all these years I finally visited; mostly it was to see the gardens, though I was pleased to see the Caravaggio, too. The whole album is on Farcebook if you want to see more.

Preston Manor: Doreen Valiente

During my London week I took one day off to run down to Brighton: the first set of pictures from the Doreen Valiente exhibit at Preston Manor can be found here. Next to the exhibit itself, I enjoyed the gardens where I was waylaid by a couple of cheeky magpies (two for joy). Here’s my self portrait with Doreen’s mirror.2016-06-22 12.02.10

Secret Garden

The rain came but I chased it away so I could visit one of my favourite hidden places in London. Beautiful.

My Life in Pictures

Actually I don’t think there’s a single picture of me, but you get to see through my eyes! Two big photo sets I just put in albums on FB so they don’t use up all my space on here. First is the start of the school year (Charlotte P1, Allan P7, Murray still in nursery).

2015-08-18 09.02.53And after they were all settled in school, I went off for a wander in the Botanical Gardens, an amazing sanctuary in the city.

2015-08-18 11.31.41And I also dropped by to see Frida Kahlo at the Tay Bridge Bar as Michael Marra sang, because she made a guest appearance in Hard-Boiled Witch 4.

2015-08-18 14.05.56

Powerscourt and Glendalough

2014-08-21 10.53.01

The Beckett Bridge and a reflected light, so it looks like Patrick McGoohan is being pursued down the Liffey by that big bubble…

Lovely day out with Debi in the fantastically opulent gardens of the Powerscourt Estate and then the remnants of the monastery in Glendalough. A bunch of my own peculliar style photographs can be found in a public Facebook album (it’s just easier than uploading them all here).

It’s just sinking in that I will not be going home to Dundee after this con, but instead to NY so I am feeling a bereft. Maybe it’s just as well that I don’t have a lot to do at Shamrokon. And even less as my publisher’s pup is unwell so we can’t meet for dinner tonight, alas. Hope she gets better!

Glasnevin Cemetery & National Botanical Gardens, Dublin

2014-08-20 12.24.05I’ve put up a bunch of photos on a (public) Facebook album. I’ll catch up on con news when I get back stateside. Just to let you know that WorldCon is the kind of place where you can be chatting with Liz Hand over a cuppa and mention Corey Doctorow, only to have him walk past a minute later. As they say, *result*!