During @WorldCon75 I played hookey for a day to go to Suomenlinna, the island in Helsinki’s harbour with my friend and ‘borrowed cousin’ Laura. It was a beautiful day, but as I got to the harbour I saw there was a thick bank of fog over the water. It made the day a little more…

What’s New, Pussycat?

A few new things to let you know about: HÁVAMÁL After an inadvertent break, my translations and commentary of verses from Hávamál have returned over at Pagan Square. September ended up being even more of a juggling act than I had anticipated, so I am glad to finally get back to the project. Bit by…

Finland: Around Helsinki

I had planned to go to the national museum before I met up with Laura (under the clock at Stockmann’s of course, the traditional meeting place in Helsinki) but it didn’t open until 11 so I went to Kiasma, the contemporary art museum first while the heavens opened. Click the photos to embiggen them.

Finland: Arriving Helsinki

Thanks to Laura for meeting me at the station; it’s always wonderful to be greeted by a friendly face. We dropped things off at the hotel and then went out for a drink and a bite to eat. More tomorrow: catching up on email and things today.