Finland: Arriving Helsinki

2013-07-31 18.44.35

My room at Hotel Omena

2013-07-31 18.44.41

Inspirational art over the bed(s)

2013-07-31 18.44.55

Out the window, the indoor restaurant o_O

2013-07-31 18.45.05

Although the sky was visible above

2013-07-31 20.38.55

It used to be Nokia, but now it’s all Angry Birds, all the time!

2013-07-31 18.54.03

But it’s always noir at Salon Noir

Thanks to Laura for meeting me at the station; it’s always wonderful to be greeted by a friendly face. We dropped things off at the hotel and then went out for a drink and a bite to eat. More tomorrow: catching up on email and things today.

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