Goodbye, Kipper

Kipper in Window

He is gone, he of the splay foot and the silky coat. My little buddy, my little Jean Marais beastie. He’s Connor’s cuddle buddy. He’s my alarm clock; even this morning I awoke thinking I’d heard that impatient yowl. He was always quite the talker. And always underfoot: I always feared one day I’d trip down the stairs as he wound around my feet.

Things happened pretty fast. What we thought was his teeth flaring up again turned about to be a combination of underlying problems. He went from appearing fine and healthy just a few days ago to this. The vet — who’s so very English but kind — let me be with him as he slipped away. Bertie came home at lunchtime to help me bury him. I put a veve for Erzulie on the little white cardboard coffin and we wrapped him in the Gossip Girl lap blanket (thanks, Brenda) that he loved to lie on, so he went off in style.

So now we have a pet cemetery at the house. Robert’s going to put Jordan’s ashes next to Kipper’s marble slab. It’s so strange to be without him.



Kipper is not amused.


Kipper and Connor get on well for the most part. The occasional toy dispute ruffles a few feathers.


My first NY breakfast with local syrup for local people.


Removing one layer of wallpaper to find another: a southern motif.


What the finished version of the sitting room will look like. Cheery! In less cheery news, have to replace the struts on my car. In the meantime, no strutting (I think that’s what it means).

Happy Birthday, Bertie

Bertie in Salthill

Happy birthday to my little brother today. Here he is looking suave on the Salthill shore on Galway Bay. We had fun during his visit. He’s taking good care of my cat Kipper while I’m in Scotland (and Kipper’s taking good care of Connor).

And he keeps me up to date on the local wildlife in New York, too:

And this is the kind of work he does as a silversmith:

teddy mug

How the time has flown by —

At our grandparent’s house (now Steve’s) next door; yes, always with the hats.

Reasons to be Cheerful

Chas 2 from Tirgearr, cover by S. L. Johnson

Chas 2 from Tirgearr, cover by S. L. Johnson

Spring break is over and I didn’t do the eleventy million things I somehow imagined I could shoehorn into that jam-packed week of ‘relaxing’ and (in theory) grading. HA! Always the case, always. Every time I have a little ‘time off’ I draw up a long list of things to do and then proceed to not follow it, do other things, go other places and then panic and say, “Oh no! I have to get some things done!” —

Because it’s perfectly reasonable to think I can write a novella, two non-fiction book proposals, three blogs, make a trip to Connecticut and watch a couple of movies and get all my grading done, too, in one week.


So the break is over, work returns like a wet haddock to the face and I have less than two months before I’m off to Scotland and there are two presentations this month, readings, travel and more talks next month, so it’s all very easy-peasy and stress free — oh wait. Argh.

So on a hectic manic Monday, reasons to be cheerful:

Lush Situation cover reveal! The awesome S. L. Johnson does it again! The awesome Tirgearr Publishing releases the second Chastity Flame book on March 28th — sexy spy mayhem with bonus cameos from some fellow writers (and a publisher!) as well as more steamy shenanigans with the delectable Damien, while Chas tries to break an international human trafficking ring.

The essay “All of the True Things I am About to Tell You are Shameless Lies” which I wrote to help promote So It Goes: A Tribute to Kurt Vonnegut has been featured at the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library. Wow, thank you Twitter! I am so honoured to have a little bit of ‘official’ approval. This collection will be terrific fun. I hope you’ll pick it up. Don’t forget the contestsYou could win a copy.

Even Google says, “Happy Birthday, Douglas Adams!” Funny people are always a reason to be cheerful — I know many!


Kipper in his party hat!

All kinds of reasons to be cheerful —