Writerly Advice in the T-U

I’m among the quoted writers in this piece at the Times Union (or is that TimesUnion as it appears to be on the website?). Are you NaNoWriMo-ing? Buddy me if you are. I am mostly doing this intense month of writing to make sure I finally get the draft done of my next Fox Spirit novel. Deadlines are always motivating.

I’m revising last year’s NaNoWriMo project and getting ready to send it out to gauge potential interest. Meanwhile I have ten thousand other things I ought to be doing, too. It’s always a juggling act.


Albert-Anatole-Martin-Ernest Lambron des Piltieres
(French, born 1836)
The court jester and magpie

MAMO in Photos

MAMO, Madchester, magpies and more. Photo album on the ‘Book, but here’s a few to give you a snapshot of the journey. Now to finish the next paper before I am London-bound. The next MAMO is scheduled for Rome in 2018, so start planning…

Preston Manor: Doreen Valiente

During my London week I took one day off to run down to Brighton: the first set of pictures from the Doreen Valiente exhibit at Preston Manor can be found here. Next to the exhibit itself, I enjoyed the gardens where I was waylaid by a couple of cheeky magpies (two for joy). Here’s my self portrait with Doreen’s mirror.2016-06-22 12.02.10

I’m Sensing a Theme

More than enough for pie!

We have a couple of feeders at the house. Yesterday we were suddenly deluged with a huge flock of these guys. I’m thinking the red tail that’s been hanging around might want to tell a few friends. Otherwise it’s going to be a lot of pies!

Birds seem to have become a theme of late. Or is it for a while? I notice I have a category ‘birds’ for the blog, so it’s come up before. I’m teaching a prose writing class this term and using Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird as our text. It’s almost Valentine’s Day, so I have The Parliament of Fowles on my mind. But it’s been this way for a while: for a long time it was all wombats, then it became all wolves and for some time — maybe since Ireland, maybe before — it’s been all about birds.

I even have bird-themed publications!

My crime story ‘Mandrake and Magpies’ is in the current issue of Lit Noir; it takes place in Galway and features a location I really hated, which is the walk out to where the special Garda office is for immigration issues. You may recall that I had to repeat that journey a few times. (-_-) There are also offerings from Mr B and pal B.R. Stateham in this issue.

My story ‘Rook’ gets an outing in the latest Broad Pod along with an excerpt from Ellen Larson‘s The Measure of the Universe. This story also takes place in Galway (hmmmm) starting at Bohermore Cemetery and then ambling down to the Corrib. It’s also available as a video with pictures of the town. Of course it’s in my collection Unquiet Dreams, available from Tirgearr.