Old Friends

Also at the McManus but a bit different from the art upstairs; though some new ones here, too:

At the McManus

I always manage to drop by the McManus to see old favourites and to check out what’s new. Maong their new offers is Hidden Histories which highlights women, artists of colour and LGBTQI+ artists, too. It’s a good start in a new direction.

From Dundee to Prague

I should have been in Scotland weeks ago. I miss my family, I miss Dundee, I miss livable weather, too. I miss idling in the Howff and dropping by my favourite paintings in the McManus or standing on the little observation deck in the V&A watching the Tay flow past. I miss all of us…

That Was the Year That Was

Every year I have to give myself a little shake because undoubtedly, having idled away my holiday break (if it has gone according to plan), I feel as if I have accomplished nothing at all ever, never mind for the whole last year. Some people are putting together ‘end of decade’ lists, too (never mind…

At the McManus

The Beano takes over museum, but there’s also a portraits show on and of course old favourites — possibly obsessing a little too much about Duncan‘s Riders, but there it is.  

Wendy in Dundee

It was great to have my dear friend visit the city I love! We saw art, the dragon and the Howff, our local and more — then wandered about before heading to Edinburgh for the weekend (more pictures to come).  

Reflections on Celts

I dropped by the McManus to check out what was on and caught the Reflections on Celts exhibit which combined a few of their own treasures with borrowed items from the British Museum and the National Museums of Scotland. You can see my pictures here (along with the other two exhibits on) and read more…

Frances Walker @ the McManus

Always a delight to visit the McManus Galleries in Dundee. I visit my favourites like Rossetti’s Dante’s Dream and usually the Sidhe Riders though that seems to be wandering again. I’m always interested, too, in seeing what’s new. There’s a terrific drawing exhibit on with a wide variety of images and styles called Draw the…

TOA/V: Photography in Dundee

There are a couple of good photographic exhibits on right now in Dundee. At the Central Library there’s a great display of photographs of archival material from the building of the original Tay Bridge and then the terrible disaster that occured in 1879 (as immortalised by the bard McGonagall, AKA the worst poet in the…

Slang Bling at the McManus

My crazy Dundee adventures continue: yesterday I was down at the McManus Galleries getting a prize thanks to Bonnie Bling! I had entered their Slang Bling contest with the word “Oary” which I of course learned from Gary Robertson and The Cundeez long ago on Twitter. There were other folks there, too! But somehow I…