That Was the Year That Was


Every year I have to give myself a little shake because undoubtedly, having idled away my holiday break (if it has gone according to plan), I feel as if I have accomplished nothing at all ever, never mind for the whole last year. Some people are putting together ‘end of decade’ lists, too (never mind whether it is the end of the decade or not).

If I get ambitious, I will try to do that (but don’t hold your breath).

However with the use of my (not always updated, alas) website and my 2019 diary (which actually continues into 2020), I can reconstruct accomplishments that I might forget. Indeed I have already discovered the last few things published had not been added to the website. I need minions!

PUBLICATIONS (from the trivial to the doggedly academic) include:

Love is a Grift. Novella+short stories (as Graham Wynd). Fox Spirit Books. March 2019.

“Haunted.” Short story. Fox Spirit Books. 25 Dec 2019.

“Barely Crimbo.” Poem (As Graham Wynd). Punk Noir Magazine. 24 Dec 2019.

“Piano Man.” Short story. Punk Noir Magazine. 25 Nov 2019.

“Number 13: A Noir Ghost Story.” Punk Noir Magazine. 3 Nov 2019.

“Funny Little Frog.” Short story. Punk Noir Magazine. 22 May 2019.

Femme Non-Fatal: Holding’s Noir Classic The Blank Wall.’ NEPCA 2017: Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Northeast Popular Culture Association, edited by Martin F. Norden and Robert E. Weir. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Apr 2019.

A bunch of short pieces/reviews/nonsense for Punk Noir Magazine.

Various witchy things for Witches & Pagans.



‘Danger’s Bright Face: Existentialism and Foreignness in The Cross-Eyed Bear Murders.’ Northeast PCA Conference, Portsmouth NH, 15-6 Nov 2019.

‘Spoiling all the Paintwork: Mark E. Smith, Art Renegade.’ Always Different, Always The Same: A Symposium on The Fall, U Limerick, 7 Nov 2019.

‘Leonora Carrington’s Hearing Trumpet.’ Treadwell’s Books, 1 Aug 2019.

‘The Celtic Influences in Susanna Clarke’s Jonathan Strange & Mr Norell.’ WorldCon, Dublin Ireland, Aug 2019.

‘Gaming Ripley.’ Captivating Criminality, Pescara Italy, 12-5 Jun 2019.

‘The Sounds of Salvation: Leonora Carrington’s The Hearing Trumpet.‘ Magickal Women Conference, London, 1 June 2019.

‘Courtes of Kynd: A Tale of Two Peasants.’ International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo MI, May 2019.

‘This is My [Sound] Design.’ Popular Culture Association National Conference, Washington DC, April 2019.


Some Other Sphere 13 Nov 2019: “Leonora Carrington and The Hearing Trumpet — Dr Kate Laity”

NePCA Blog 3 May 2019  “Pop Culture Matters Interview: K. A. Laity”

Center Stage with Mick Rose 28 Apr 2019 “Author Kate Laity AKA Graham Wynd”


There was also the writing retreat in Italy; the presentation of Con-Eire with the Fox Spirit Skulk at WorldCon in Dublin; plans secured for next year including PCA in Philadelphia, the World Congress of Scottish Languages & Literatures in Prague — and some great plotting and planning with my partner in art crime, Stephanie.

There has been a deliberate plan to scale back. I can see it has happened. There will be more, including a number of things going out of print. A big part of me tuts, ‘Not enough, not enough!’ That ego is hard to beat back. But the quality and the pleasure of the accomplishments is what matters to me now. New and more daring work!

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