Summer Solstice

Around the world people celebrate the beginning of Summer and the longest day. Finns will be celebrating Juhannuspäivä, which they take a bit more seriously than Americans take their holidays. Helsingin Sanomat, for example, closes down for a month as most Finns will be heading off to their tupas for the summer and there won’t be much news to report, other than all the accidents that inevitably happen on Juhannuspäivä, because they’ll hold big bonfires and eat and drink merrily.

Some of my pals will be doing the same out west of here, but we’ll be in town in part because we have work to do (how tediously American!) but also because Robert got us all tickets to see Rickie Lee Jones tomorrow night. We’re going to picnic before the show, so we get a little bit of that midsummer feeling.

The internet keeps cutting out here on campus. I’m guessing the big upgrade they did last week — shutting down the system for four days — hasn’t really helped. So it goes.